What is DigiFace?

The COVID-19 pandemic has popularized devices that measures temperature by scanning your face, but these only measure the surface temperature of the face and it is not doing a facial recognition process. There are devices that does facial recognition but, they require the face to be registered with the device in advance and are not connected to the Internet. DigiFace is a solution that connects an Internet-connected facial recognition device with a temperature sensor and a gate to your reservation system via API. DigiFace works under existing reservation systems just like credit card payments, and can shift your process to ticketless.

DigiFace stores facial recognition data in numerical form.
Therefore, there is no risk of leakage of face data.

Feature of DigiFace

Cheap installation cost.

No Initial Cost. For Facial Recognition system, you can use your own smartphone as the device. This will be Pay-as-you-go system per recognition process. If gate is installed ticketless entry and exit would be possible. This will reduce the labor cost for the reception operation.

Recognition can function even if the person is wearing a mask.

Accuracy can be changed to enable recognition with a mask.

System Integration via API

The possibilities are endless with API integration, such as reservation systems, access control systems, ticket sales, etc.

Installation Sample

Facial recognition systems can be used in a variety of situations.

  • 入退室管理

    1. Access Control

    Security gates and doors can be unlocked simply by facing at the device. The authentication speed is fast, enabling smooth and speedy entry without the need to present IC cards or certificates, and it can also be linked to existing time and attendance systems to collect time and temperature data logs.

  • 予約した施設や店舗でのチェックイン

    2. Check-in at reserved facilities or stores.

    Check-in can be performed by facial recognition with temperature detection for customers who have reserved accommodations or hospital visits. By integrating with existing reservation systems, not only can speedy entry be achieved, but also temperature detection can be performed at the same time to prevent infections.

  • イベント会場でのチケットレス化

    3.Ticketless Entry at Event Venues

    Because it is a one-to-one authentication, unlike QR codes or IC chips, it enables ticketless and smooth entry without queues while preventing people from committing fraud at the gate. In addition, the payment system linkage enables users to shop without any need to carry their own belongings simply by holding their face over the terminal.

  • 会員管理や本人確認

    4.Membership management and identification

    By linking with an existing membership management system, a safe and secure authentication system can be introduced at gyms and conventions. Highly accurate facial recognition + linkage of data such as vaccination certificates can reduce manual staff checking.

Usage Fees

No initial fee, pay only what you use

Initial Installation Fee

No Temperature Checking

System Installation Cost is Free

With Temperature Checking

Facial Recognition Device with Temperature Checking


With Temperature Checking

Facial Recognition Device with Temperature Checking

Turnstile Gate

*2/3 of the Installation cost is covered by the IT Installation Subsidy
*For purchase of more than 100 units, a volume discount will be applied, please feel free to contact us.

Running Cost

0.004 USD per use of recognition system

※Billed monthly. Price may vary depending on exchange rate.
※Exchange rate used is 1USD = 130 JPY

Cost Simulation
Sample Scenario Number of Recognition process Unit Price Cost per day Monthly Cost
Use in attendance for 100 employees 200 $0.004 $0.8 $20※25days
Restaurant with 200 pax per day 300 $0.004 $1.2 $36※30days
Event space with 10,000 pax foot traffic 10,000 $0.004 $40 -



Q.Do I have to download and install the application to use it?

A. No, there is no need to download it. Simply scan the QR code from the dedicated management screen and you can use the application right away

Q.Can I use it on any device?

A. For proper use, please use an OS within the guaranteed operating environment. iPhone: iOS11.0 or higher Android: Android OS4.4 or higher

Q.I haven't decided on the details yet, can I still ask for a consultation?

A.Yes, consultations are free of charge. Our staff will listen to your specific requirements, so please do not worry.

Q.Is it possible to integrate the application with existing systems?

A.Yes, it is possible. It is possible to link with user information and functions of existing systems. Please feel free to contact us first.


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