Linking Facial Recognition to Employee Attendance

Contactless attendance management system using King of Time's API

◎Double authentication with employee number input to prevent misidentification

◎PWA method using iPad, no dedicated device or installation required

◎Registration of facial data linked to employee number at the time of hiring

Request from Human Resources Department

Improved operational efficiency

Managing attendance data using facial recognition has eliminated time loss for employees when clocking in and out, allowing for smooth entry and exit from the office. In addition, since facial recognition is linked to individual IDs and facial data, it prevents incorrect imprinting and reduces the time required to make corrections when tallying working hours. Wearing a mask was also a requirement due to the pandemic, but with DigiFace, authentication while wearing a mask was also smooth.

Cost Reduction

Face recognition terminals are tablets and smartphones

The installation cost is economical because there is no need to purchase fingerprint authentication or card readers, and authentication can be performed with tablet terminals or laptop computers already in use in the company. When a new employee joins the company, all he/she needs to do is simple registration and explanation. Considering the time spent explaining software operation on the web up to now, this has also led to a reduction in personnel costs.

Employee Testimonials

Fast and convenient

Until now, I used to have to start up my computer and open the attendance screen to enter my time, but with the face recognition terminal, all I have to do is touch the tablet screen and capture my face on the screen to complete my attendance. This has reduced the stress of being pressed for time.

API linkage between attendance and face recognition has good affinity

This time, we have built an attendance clocking system by linking attendance data and DigiFace from among various APIs released by King of Time for the purpose of a demonstration experiment. First, we asked employees to access the face registration screen from their smartphones and register their face photo and employee ID on the Digiface face recognition system. The acquired facial data is stored in the Digiface system as a unique ID linked to the employee number, and is checked against the attendance schedule data that can be acquired through the attendance system API. The data is checked to determine if it is a normal work day and if there are any errors in the work hours, and the face recognition terminal responds with an OK or NG response. The actual attendance data is successfully registered in the attendance system via the API, so employees do not need to log in to the attendance system each time to confirm their attendance. Also, when leaving work, the same system linkage allows employees to leave work by simply copying their face to the face recognition terminal.


With a LINE account, you can also link to a variety of future services!

If you have implemented a domestic or international time and attendance system, DigiFace can link employee numbers and facial data for management purposes. Furthermore, the LINE application account, which is used by more than 80% of the population in Japan, can be used for both attendance and face recognition, as the various services provided by LINE can be linked with a single LINE account. If you register your face with your LINE account when you register for facial recognition, you can be notified when it is time to come in for telework, or if a certain store uses Digiface facial recognition for entrance, you can make reservations with just your face. The possibilities are endless.